Vulnerable, honest, and healthy communication is one of the major challenges in life but in a mental health journey, it can be a lifeline.

Here’s why communication is vital in a mental health journey:

  • When accompanying someone in a mental health journey, it is critical to get the most accurate idea of the reality of their daily experiences. Gaps in communication can often be accompanied by misunderstanding.
  • Proper treatment cannot happen if the appropriate symptoms are not addressed. Excellent communication with providers is imperative to get to the root of symptoms.
  • When it comes to mental health, saving time is not just a matter of increasing productivity – it could mean saving someone from self-harm.
  • Experts suggest that many times the distinguishing factor in the outcome of someone’s mental health journey is one simple word – HOPE. Many people struggling with depression and anxiety must fight to experience hope beyond their feelings. Loved one’s words and support become the channel of hope they desperately need. When communication is thorough, loved ones can bring the best quality of support and know which areas to speak hope into.
  • Healing is a process that happens outside of care from a therapist or counselor – it takes support from loved ones. The clearer and more open the communication is, the better set up for success loved ones can be to help those they love, struggling with mental illness, experience daily healing.
  • Warning signs. Many times, those struggling with mental illness become good at hiding their struggles from the world, and even from those they love. Honest communication helps those around them to see potentially hidden warning signs.

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