As a provider treating a patient with a mental health condition, bStable can help you by:

  1. Quickly establish accurate daily medication consumption information, medication changes, and medication side effects
  2. Providing an accurate picture of the patient’s overall mental health progress since the last visit.
  3. Longitudinal reports from the patient and loved ones allow you to focus on key aspects of the patient’s life being addressed to quickly spot areas for concern and conduct more efficient patient visits.

Preparation can save the patient’s life. A detailed crisis prevention plan report can be produced by bStable and distributed to the necessary loved ones in the patient’s life.

Using bStable, providers can work with patients to manage the patient’s mental health condition utilizing:

  1. Extensive options to visually communicate and notify patient state for optimal clinician and loved one communication
  2. Support for many behavioral health conditions (i.e. Depression, Anxiety, Substance Abuse, ADHD, Autism, Bipolar Disorder, Social Anxiety, etc.).
  3. Co-morbid affective disorder support
  4. Crisis planning tools including post-mortem analysis and advanced crisis planning functionality
  5. General life management and life optimization functionality
  6. Highly detailed tracking mechanisms that go beyond simple, surface level recordings that drill into (as needed) every patient state parameter
  7. Every entity, module, function of bStable built based on a real-life patient’s need or personal story
  8. Tremendous breadth of the application – thus, called a true “life management system”
  9. Tools to help patients address and improve thinking patterns in coordination with psychotherapists
  10. Support for all ages of life

bStable helps patients and their loved ones deal with various affective disorders so they can better communicate with their clinicians (primary care, psychologist, psychiatrist, specialist), prevent crisis situations (i.e. suicide attempts, arrests), reduce hospitalizations, and improve professional and personal productivity leading to a better quality of life.