bStable benefits Payers via the reduction of hospitalizations due to patient crisis situations. Payers can be provided data to prove positive mental health outcomes for the reimbursement of behavioral healthcare services from providers. Population behavioral health data can analyzed to develop long-term innovative solutions for the behavioral healthcare vertical.

If used correctly, bStable has the ability to eliminate for Payers unnecessary and costly:

  1. Hospitalizations
  2. Hospital re-admissions
  3. Inefficient Psychiatrist and Psychologist Visits
  4. Unneeded Psychiatrist and Psychologist Visits
  5. Suicide Attempts
  6. Vehicle Accidents
  7. Drug or Alcohol Abuse
  8. Erratic and dangerous behaviour

bStable helps patients and their loved ones deal with various affective disorders so they can better communicate with their clinicians (primary care, psychologist, psychiatrist, specialist), prevent crisis situations (i.e. suicide attempts, arrests), reduce hospitalizations, and improve professional and personal productivity leading to a better quality of life.