A common theme that runs across all of our lives is suffering. To understand suffering, it helps to begin with the Bible. For those that are Christians, according to the Bible Study Fellowship, (https://www.bsfinternational.org): “when Christians suffer in a world torn by sin, all people suffer. But Christians may ask, “Since God promises to bless His children, why do believers suffer?” Why does God not always rescue Christians from suffering?

  • Suffering constructs Christ-like lives and builds the Church.
  • Suffering prepares Christians to comfort other sufferers.
  • Suffering corrects Christians when we go the wrong way.
  • Suffering changes Christians’ deepest desires so that we long for God and heaven more than this world.
  • Suffering is cosmic, showing angels, demons and all creation how God works in His people and the world.
  • Suffering for Christ and His Church is a Christian’s privilege.

The world calls suffering meaningless and does everything to avoid or control it. No one should choose to suffer needlessly. But God gives believers unique opportunities to bring Him glory and enjoy fellowship with Him through the suffering He ordains for us.”

For those of you that are Christian, you believe that Jesus Christ died for our sins. As followers of Christ in this world, like Jesus, we will undoubtedly encounter suffering. The New Testament covers this topic very well in the book of Acts. The most notable transformation was that of Saul who became Paul and wrote most of the Epistles of the New Testament. God chose Saul to be the chosen instrument to carry God’s name before the Gentiles, Kings and children of Israel. Paul suffered greatly but he saw his suffering for the higher good.

But for those of us here today on earth, our everyday suffering is difficult to understand and we certainly don’t see it for the higher good that Paul did. From a job loss, a divorce, health issues, a death in the family, those unhappy with their marriages, those that cannot find a partner, the list goes on and on.

Those that have a mental disorder potentially deal with some of the above issues (or others) along with mental health issues. Most in that situation probably try to understand why this added burden is being placed upon them.

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