Technological advancements provide amazing benefits to those suffering from mental illness by unlocking new methods to improve mental health outcomes. Technology is even more important given our nationwide shortage of mental healthcare providers. Across the nation, the behavioral healthcare industry suffers faces a lack of providers, an aging workforce and low compensation. Projections show that by 2025, the labor shortage will be astronomically worse.

  1. Expands coverage. HRSA recently released national-level behavioral health workforce estimates for 2016 through 2030, that highlights how the shortage and unequal distribution of providers has only gotten worse and created more challenges for patients. The magnitude of provider shortages varies greatly, as there are areas such as rural areas for example that have no behavioral health providers at all. bStable is an option for all areas. This advancement in technology allows providers to reach areas that may, otherwise, not have access to care.
  2. Strengthens the quality of care and services delivered. The quality of care that can be provided by the limited resources that we currently have coupled with technology is the only path forward. From easing administrative burdens, simplifying communication between patients and providers and reducing wait times; extra time and thought can be put into the treatment of patients. Technology improves the quality of mental healthcare services that can be delivered while also optimizing cost.
  3. Eases administrative burdens for providers. The reduction in inefficient administrative overhead processes can save time that can be redirected to improving patient care.
  4. Optimizes communication between the patient and provider. Communication is optimized by patients presenting a clear view of how they have been doing since the last patient visit so the provider can focus on areas of concern and not just asking generic questions taking up valuable time during the patient visit.
  5. Improves Timeliness of Critical Care. Timely access to treatment when in crisis is crucial. By using technology, patients and be provided access to treatment in a timelier manner by bringing psychiatric care to the patient faster either in an ambulatory, acute or in-home setting.

bStable is the most comprehensive software solution for patients to easily communicate with their mental healthcare providers.  This type of technological advancement can greatly benefit patient care.  Visit our website to learn more.