“Today we announce the availability of our new behavioral healthcare software solution, bStable Go!” said Ben McGraw, President & CEO of McGraw Systems. “bStable Go! will revolutionize how behavioral health and substance abuse services are administered and managed for clients in need along with their providers and payer organizations. We look forward to being part of the massive behavioral healthcare overhaul needed in the United States and World.”

bStable Go! boosts daily Client recording adherence of behavioral health, substance abuse and social determinants of health information with streamlined reporting for Providers and Payers. bStable Go! includes gamification functionality including points, rewards and virtual travel. bStable Go! runs on the iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC.

To find out more:

Call: 844.727.8225

Email: sales@mcgrawsystems.com

Web: bStable.com

Instagram: mcgraw_systems_bstable

Facebook: @bStableMcGrawSystems