bStable has endless benefits for those struggling with mental illness. One of the most important benefits is that it optimizes communication between patients and providers. Here’s a few ways the bStable software application accomplishes this goal:

How does bStable optimize communication in clinical settings?

More Productive Visits. Because a patient is consistently providing his or her healthcare provider updates in between visits, the limited face-to-face visit time with the healthcare provider is made more effective. Instead of spending most of the visit providing updates, the healthcare provider already has the information he or she needs to ask pointed questions to focus on key issues with the patient.

More Accurate Analysis. A key feature of bStable is the illustration of patterns and trends through data analysis. bStable offers reports and charts that can be used to see overall trends and patterns. These reports and charts can help show a genuine improvement without getting lost in the weeds of one bad day. It can also help prevent crisis situations, as the trends or patterns can be spotted, and actions can be implemented to avoid crisis situations. The provider can analyze reports before the meeting, saving time manually assessing the patient during and after the meeting.

Increases Accuracy in What Is Reported. Patients can easily report in a powerful system on a day-to-day basis, versus a simplistic journal. Symptoms, thoughts, struggles, behaviors, etc. are freshly reported and saved, with less room for forgetting the intensity or details of what the patient wishes to report.

The bStable platform is ready to help those with mental illness and their healthcare providers. Contact us today to learn more and to get started.