bStable Go! empowers individuals with mental health disorders and developmental disabilities to better communicate with their healthcare providers. This leads to better outcomes for patients, providers and payers.

bStable Go! enables disease state management and crisis planning, provides patients and providers the ability to immediately spot patterns, examine outliers and detect trends that are otherwise hidden and eliminates wasted time spent determining the pressing issues impacting the patient.

Patients are empowered with the ability to analyze all aspects of their life (mental, physical, interpersonal relationships, etc.) in a quantified manner that is visually displayed for analysis. Patients and providers have a transparent communication flow allowing providers to provide an optimal level of care for the patient, reduce risk and cost for payers.

Here’s what you need to know about bStable Go!

Who it’s for. bStable Go! is a streamlined and highly customizable version of bStable for individuals that have mental health disorders and developmental disabilities to better communicate with their healthcare providers

What it is. bStable Go! is an application that runs on an iPad, iPhone, PC or Mac. The application is built to boost daily client recording adherence along with streamlined reporting for providers. It is highly customizable based on the organization’s needs.

What’s Behind the Application. bStable Go! brings the mental healthcare arena a powerful tool that can be used to monitor the day-to-day life of a patient in order to truly track trends. bStable Go! provides the ability to examine outliers and gives the opportunity for an individual to collect a plethora of information about their life.

Fun & User-Friendly Interface. bStable Go! has a fun look and feel with game-like functionality. This includes points, rewards and virtual travel as clients use bStable Go! throughout the year. The bStable Go! application uses an interactive and user-friendly interface to easily track the daily symptoms of a mental illness. It allows an individual to effectively articulate their mental and developmental disability state on any given day, increasing awareness of daily mental health.

Want to get a visual? Check out bStable Go! In action here:

It Improves Patient/Provider Communication. The bStable Go! application supports McGraw System’s mission in allowing an individual diagnosed with a mental disorder or developmental disability to spend the time with their healthcare provider working on a plan of action, as opposed to simply providing updates. bStable Go! ensures a transparent communication flow and ultimately optimizes patient and provider communication.

For use by seniors, adults AND children, bStable Go! is ready to help improve your mental health and the health of those you love. Get in touch with us today.