bStable is a comprehensive mental healthcare software solution that improves patient and healthcare provider communication. It fast-tracks the communication of information from a patient to the provider to improve outcomes. bStable Go! is the simplified game-like version of bStable. bStable Go! is an application that runs on an iPad, iPhone, PC or Mac. The application is built to boost daily client recording adherence along with streamlined reporting for providers. It is highly customizable based on the client and provider’s needs.

Here are some ways bStable Go! can help with developmental disabilities:

  • Improves Patient/Provider Communication: bStable Go! allows an individual diagnosed with a developmental disability to spend time with their healthcare provider working on a plan of action as opposed to simply providing updates. bStable Go! ensures a transparent communication flow and ultimately optimizes patient and provider communication.
  • Population heath data analysis: Data from bStable Go! can be exported for further data analysis in tools such as Microsoft Excel or other data analytic applications. Because data from bStable Go! can be de-identified and if there are data rights in place at the provider organization, data can be aggregated at the population level for longitudinal population health analytics. This can lead to insights that can drive further research into how to better serve individuals via a wide range of interventions.
  • Spots patterns and provides the ability to examine outliers: Patients are empowered with the ability to analyze aspects of their life in a quantified manner that is visually displayed for analysis. bStable Go! helps detect trends that are otherwise hidden and focuses time on the pressing issues impacting the patient on a day-to-day basis.
  • Fun & user-friendly interface: bStable Go! has a fun look and feel with game-like functionality. This includes points, rewards and virtual travel as clients use bStable Go! throughout the year. The bStable Go! application uses an interactive and user-friendly interface to easily track the daily symptoms of those with developmental disabilities. It allows an individual to effectively articulate how they are doing to increase awareness of daily health.

Developmental disabilities can be challenging but bStable Go! can help to improve the daily lives of those with a developmental disability. bStable Go! provides information technology to better communicate with their healthcare provider. We are here to help, Contact us today