There are so many things to love about bStable! But don’t take it from us.

We listen closely to our clients and keep up with their thoughts on bStable.

Here are the five most-loved features of bStable:

  1. One-Page Report. Easy to read, but with a wealth of information, our one-page chart-like report makes it simple to get an overall picture of the patient’s mental health state.
  2. Sleep Module. Sleep monitoring isn’t as easy as writing down how many hours of sleep a patient is getting per night. There are many more variables needed to determine if adequate sleep is being achieved. The bStable sleep module offers mental healthcare providers with the detailed information needed to assess a patient’s sleep patterns.
  3. Symptomology Tracking. Sometimes patients don’t know if something they are experiencing is an issue. With our symptomology list, patients can recognize and track these symptoms. Our symptomology module also allows patients to record a plethora of information around each symptom if needed.
  4. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Module. CBT is at the center of bStable’s platform, so we’ve put a lot of concentrated effort into our CBT module. The module allows for patients and providers to monitor the effectiveness of the therapy and track its effectiveness.
  5. Super Quick Daily Journal. Active focus on mental health takes a lot of work, so we simplify what we can. Patients love our Super Quick Daily Journal feature because of its ease of use. It makes keeping up with a patient’s mental health state possible even if the patient does not have lots of time during the day to dedicate to bStable.

At McGraw Systems, we offer easy-to-use yet comprehensive systems to help manage mental health. Ultimately, it’s this balance between simplicity and in-depth information that makes bStable a success for both providers and patients. Visit our web site to learn more about bStable.