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Benefits for Payers

According to NAMI, the costs associated with Bipolar Disorder are staggering, “In one study, the average lifetime cost per case ranged from $11,720 for persons with a single manic episode to $624,785 for persons with nonresponsive or chronic episodes.”

According to PsychCentral, “each worker with bipolar disorder averaged 65.5 lost workdays in a year, compared to 27.2 for major depression. Even though major depression is more than six times as prevalent, bipolar disorder costs the U.S. workplace nearly half as much – a disproportionately high $14.1 billion annually.

bStable benefits Payers via the reduction of hospitalizations due to patient crisis situations and cuts down the time needed for the patient to visit with clinicians by “cutting to the chase” and focusing on the issues that need to be addressed by early notification of events to the clinician and concise, visual analytics that properly convey the patient’s disorder state.

Using bStable, patients can manage their diagnosed affective disorders with loved ones and clinicans utilizing:

  1. What-if-analysis on any combination of system or user created parameters
  2. Extensive options to visually communicate and notify patient state for optimal clinician and loved one communication
  3. Affective disorder (i.e. ADHD, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Social Anxiety, etc.) affective disorder specific functionality
  4. Co-morbid affective disorder support
  5. Crisis planning tools including post-mortem analysis and advanced crisis planning functionality
  6. General life management and life optimization functionality
  7. Highly detailed tracking mechanisms that go beyond simple, surface level recordings that drill into (as needed) every patient state parameter
  8. Logical, entity related approach to the Human Interface flow
  9. Every entity, module, function of bStable built based on a real-life patient’s need or personal story
  10. Architects who built bStable did so with total Domain Expertise
  11. Tremendous breadth of the application – thus, called a true “life management system”
  12. Tools to help patients address and improve thinking patterns in coordination with psychotherapists
  13. Support for all ages of life

If used correctly, a bipolar disorder life management system like bStable has the ability to eliminate for Providers unnecessary and costly:

  1. Hospitizations
  2. Hospital re-admissions
  3. Innefficent Psychiatrist and Psycologist Visits
  4. Uneeded Psychiatrist and Psycologist Visits
  5. Suicide Attempts
  6. Vehicle Accidents
  7. Drug or Alcohol Abuse
  8. Erratic and dangerous behaviour

bStable helps patients and their loved ones deal with various affective disorders so they can better communicate with their clinicians (primary care, psychologist, psychiatrist, specialist), prevent crisis situations (i.e. suicide attempts, arrests), reduce hospitalizations, and improve professional and personal productivity leading to a better quality of life.